Washing and Daily Care

Washing and Daily Care

The Modern Fro team wants you to treat your extensions as if they were your own natural hair growing out of your head so we provided some helpful tips and tricks for you to know how to treat your extensions and clip-ins with the utmost care and love…



Wash and/or co-wash your extensions on the regular! Just like your natural hair, we are ALL about co-washing (washing with only conditioner). Using a decent amount of conditioner, spread conditioner through hair in a downward caress motion using your fingers or you can also use a wet brush, to brush conditioner through hair.

We believe it is best to co-wash weekly, however in-between those co-washes it’s always good to give the hair a little shampooing to remove any dust, dirt or product build up. We recommend using only sulfate free shampoo to not dry out the hair, and like the conditioning, only use a downward caress motion to avoid any potential tangling. Then after a nice shampooing you always want to condition to build back the moisture and eventually set aside to dry.


Daily Care and Instructions

All of our hair is 100% virgin hair and since this hair has been highly processed to mimic the natural afro and curly textures, it will get tangled. Simply put, we want you to detangle and revive your curly DAILY by spritzing the hair with a mix of conditioner and water but we can’t stress enough the importance of DETANGLING.

At bedtime we advise that you detangle with your fingers and either braid or twist hair in 4 sections, and then wrap hair with a silk scarf. For the clip-ins, remove the clips and spritz lightly with water and conditioner mix and detangle.

By following these few tips and tricks you will love your experience with your natural hair extensions/ clip-ins and we are POSITIVE that they will love you back!

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