Are You Natural if Your Hair is Fake?

Are You Natural if Your Hair is Fake?

Here at ModernFro we embrace the idea that you should be able to wear whatever style you want as long as it makes you feel good because that’s what matters the most…

But we’ve often heard... “what if our hair is only part ours, then where do we fit?” “How real is real enough?” “If our hair isn’t all ours, are we somehow excluded from the natural hair movement?” “Is there ANY room left for someone who may add a clip-in here or there to simply enhance their hair?”

Now, we don’t have time to dive into every problem with the natural hair movement, however, we have had to raise an eyebrow or two at the questionable thoughts and theories we’ve heard about our fellow naturalistas, regarding wearing a faux fro. Today, we’re calling into question some of the "naturally sacred held beliefs" of #teamnatural.

Like many movements, “The Natural Movement” has been plagued with its own issues. Since the start, there have been naysayers with their shade filled comments letting the world know that they think it’s ridiculous to try and “be” natural if any part of your hair is quite the opposite.

These comments have some curly girls thinking: “Omgosh! Is my afro texture, one big shapely curl of deception?” If this has been you at any time or at any moment, don’t worry — we’re here to break it down for you sis…

The truth of the matter is, a little volume never hurt nobody! As women of color we have been adding to our hair FOREVER no matter what the shape or texture. All that matters is that you own it and ROCK IT!

I mean, who says no to a healthy looking head of hair? Do what you feel and whatever feels natural to you whether it be: weaves, braids, wigs, extensions, color, etc., it’s all about looking good and feeling good (and making sure your hair stays healthy in the process)! You shouldn’t have to stress about whether or not you fit the mold of a movement. It’s your own crown — let it flow and grow in any way you want.

Some may ask, “What's the point of a natural weave when you can get the look by taking care of your own hair?”, to which we ask, what was the point of Zendaya wearing faux locs when she could have achieved the same look with her own hair? What’s the point of Solange wearing wigs? Why does anyone wear wigs or extensions? They do it because it’s their choice, its fun, it’s a protective style, and let’s be clear sometimes you just want to try something new.

The idea that "being natural is about being real, not fake” is hilarious because the last time we checked our authenticity wasn’t based on how we wear our hair. Many naturalistas forget that they weren’t always natural and prior to going natural they were “guilty"of wearing “unnatural” hair. To the people that say you should "earn" your hair by growing it out, not everyone can (or wants) to grow hair like that for a multitude of reasons, not that it’s any of your business… *Sips Tea

We may be queens and our hair may be our crown, but the crown doesn’t make you a queen… But it sure as heck should make you feel like one.

YOU choose what to do with YOUR hair (yes, yours…you bought it, you own it, now rock it!).

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