We want you to “Be natural. Be you.” Modern Fro hair can be washed, conditioned, cut, twisted out, braided, straightened and more.

And if you have any questions, don’t worry — we are here to help!

Check out our FAQ’s to answer both your before and after purchase questions.

Modern Fro’s products have the highest quality fibers and we have the FULLEST bundles, so one bundle is enough to cover your entire head! So ONE PACK should be all that you need.

For the daily care, you can lightly spritz the hair with conditioner and water mix and detangle with your fingers. Trust us, by detangling daily/nightly you can save yourself a lot of time and hassle. More details for daily/night hair care tips and instructions, click here.

Yes. All Modern Fro hair can be dyed or bleached to achieve whatever hair color you want, as our products have not been dyed using permanent dyes. However, Modern Fro Hair is only offered in their complete unaltered color state with color variations of deep brown and black tones.

By co-washing your extensions/clip-ins weekly, it can keep your curls looking healthy and fresh. Like your natural hair, its best to do co washes! (Washing the hair with only conditioner) More details for wash and co-wash hair care and instructions, click here.

Yes. All of Modern Fro’s extensions and clip-ins you can swim in, however we recommend wearing a swim cap to protect the hair. Just like your natural hair, chlorine and salt water is dehydrating and can break down the natural oils, causing potential tangling and drying.

All the products we sell at Modern Fro are exclusively 100% virgin human hair and have the HIGHEST quality of fiber. Our clip-ins and extensions are created with the greatest possible design and process. The life of expectancy of your specific hair collection truly depends on both the attention and care YOU put into it, along with a great daily maintenance routine.

As our products are 100% remy virgin hair, you can straighten them, however we advise AGAINST it. The reasoning behind that is because our hair has been steam (chemical-free) processed to achieve these beautiful curls and intense heat could potentially damage the permanently set curl pattern.

No. Our Venus Collection has been created specifically to achieve a natural “blown out” look. The Venus Collection is resistant to humidity but when it comes in contact with water, the strands expand and become fluffier until they are blow dried back to their normal state.



More questions? Contact us here or email us directly at support@modernfro.com.