• 6 Styles You Can ROCK with Curly Extensions

    Hey Queens! We are SO excited about our recent website launch (hope you nabbed one of those coupon codes… ayyye)! Now whether you are familiar with clip-ins/extensions or not, many of you may ask yourself (or us), is this company legit? Will these extensions be able to blend with my natural textu... View Post
  • Washing and Daily Care

    The Modern Fro team wants you to treat your extensions as if they were your own natural hair growing out of your head so we provided some helpful tips and tricks for you to know how to treat your extensions and clip-ins with the utmost care and love…   Washing Wash and/or co-wash your extensions... View Post
  • Are You Natural if Your Hair is Fake?

    Here at ModernFro we embrace the idea that you should be able to wear whatever style you want as long as it makes you feel good because that’s what matters the most… But we’ve often heard... “what if our hair is only part ours, then where do we fit?” “How real is real enough?” “If our hair isn’t a... View Post